"The scar is created in the transition between wound and rebirth. And that is why it must be beautiful, because it is a sign of life." (BarbaMaura, Twitter)

Romina, Coach

On the occasion of my photo shooting for #cicatriciebaci I was amazed for the simplicity and fluidity of the entire process. The scenographic choice was surprisingly intuitive and found a symbolic element of my post-traumatic experience: the mirror.


The delicate and precise approach seems to have achieved what it wanted, leaving it to emerge.

The dynamics of the representation led me spontaneously to seek positions buried in oblivion. The bodily characters that captured the attention of the shots seemed like relics of my physiological dialogue with experience.


The work was pragmatic and will help me rethink a more narrative form of integrity. The choices were courageous and at first sight uncomfortable ... then they took on meaning. I saw something new and dark and I take note of it.


A.B., free entrepreneur


The word scar seems to have the most ancient etymology of a Sanskrit term that means node.

A scar binds us to the past but also - as human beings, made of flesh and bones - to the rest of humanity.

It is the concrete sign of a possible resolution of a serious physical problem, but sometimes not so precise in being called a problem, as in the case of the Caesarean section. Today a good part of humanity leaves a scar in the body of its mother as a sign of its birth.

In my case the scar is tiny, a sign of two significant interventions in the heart, passing through the arteries. It is a new type of knot that binds me to the world, for example to that - for me very important - of medical and scientific research, capable of such progress, useful for many people. I am bound to this scar, more than others


Riccardo Lisi, Contemporary Art Critic


Scars and Kisses. A name that immediately catches the eye. Two words that can be extremely distant, but also terribly close.


I decided to participate in the project because I believe in Barbara's creativity and great sensitivity and I knew that, whatever the story I would have told her, she would have understood and interpreted it with respect and at the same time with imagination.


It was an interesting journey, also due to the fact that my place is always behind the camera, never in front of it, so for me it was really a "test".

I really liked the idea of ​​this silver veil with which I had to relate ... it was a slow melting, physical and emotional.


When I saw the results, well, I could only say "WOW". I find that it represented a lot of me, this "repetition", almost obsessive, always the same but always different, these strong and contrasting colors, an "orderly chaos" just like me.


Thanks Barbara and Alessandro for helping me get to know me a little more, you are great.

Anna Spacio, movie director

My experience with cicatriciebaci has been very positive and enriching.


It is a special feeling to be able to have a moment when my scars and disabilities are celebrated and appreciated for their beauty. At that moment you are more aware of disability, but you feel secure, vulnerable and open, all at the same time.


After seeing the final compositions I felt proud of myself, proud of what I could give and being able to share my story honestly and creatively.



Zuleika Tipismana, supporter of people with disabilities



I invite you to read the beautiful article in which Zuleika tells in depth the experience she had, it really moved me, so intense: Scarkisses




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