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Distance Series, the fifth series, lock down time

#cicatriciebaci #scarkisses project Distance Series took place during the Covid-19 lock-down time and that lead to a new challenge, it is possible to keep the same process we do when facing each other in reality? Where I can find the micro-expressions and body movement communication inputs that I normally use to develop the dialogue and rewrite the story? Well, it is possible to connect from far, sure it is... The Frog ones based on the story of Ciobo confirm it and want to be a call to everyone: feel free to participate from far! You can send Your story here. This situation took me to experiment with creative dialogue, based on #cicatriciebaci mechanism, here we have two different examples, one with The Druid, art collector and true storyteller,  and the second with the artist Vans Design. The first is a time-travel the second a dialogue so condensed: Let us tell you something about inside and outside and the layers we build between us, ourselves and others, are them in the realm of our true self? Reality or virtual reality? Is the vision a solid perception? We cannot give you the answers but we are sure that in these days of Covid-19 reclusion, you are experiencing it. Here is how we picture it.  You can see the still pictures on SuperRare and the GIFs on MakersPlace

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