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In a world where everyone shows himself and seems to be ready to tell everything about himself, a project is born that brings the fundamental substance of being back to the center. Who am I really? What appears is really what I feel? 

A healing path, also understood as a rebirth, opens up the possibility of seeing our human being more deeply. #cicatriciebaci works on the profound meaning of showing oneself using artistic mediation. 

We interviewed Barbara Tosti, creator of #cicatriciebaci and artist and her assistant Alessandro De Bernardi.

How was the #cicatriciebaci project born?

It comes from the need and inner demand to be told.

 The experience of social networks as a place to talk about ourselves  has put us in the status of being watched, at first this led to a standardization, but now follows the desire to be observed more carefully, untied from aesthetic parameters, superficiality and judgment; in this the artistic expression solves a need. 

For me as an artist it is an opportunity to take advantage of solutions that I have already had to find during my life.

Who are you talking to and what do you want to tell?

It is an instrument of observation, it addresses itself personally to all those who wish to participate, in particular to the hidden aspects, less obvious or less observed of the personality, to the quality of the energy with which we face life. 

It wants to tell the value, the extent and the character of the strength that the individual has used or developed during the healing process, the creation of the scar. Testify "Great! You did it! Congratulations!"

How do you work on a story?

Written history, all stories, stimulate the imagination; it is through intuition and thought focused on the story that is given, that I implement a process of spatial, symbolic and visual restructuring to replace verbal language. This leads to the construction of a scenario that will give space to the photographed person to freely interpret his own story following the suggestions I bring. The composition of the collages follows from the images born during the photoshooting dialogue.

How can you participate in #cicatriciebaci?

On an individual basis, everything begins by deciding to tell me the story of a scar, which must be written using a specific form found on the site or which can be requested by email. If you are a group or an association you can contact us for an appropriate and personalized offer in your context. For example, we are working in collaboration with an elderly home, an association, a writer, a musician.

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