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#cicatriciebaci and Greek myths?!? Swords?!? Horses?!? Yes, of course!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Today I want to share with you this heartfelt intervention by Lorenzo Perucchi, head of the socio-cultural and recreational unit of Spazio Elle in Locarno as well as therapist and trainer in psycho-body therapies. Here is the text with which he opened the presentation evening on 11/24 at the Mecrì Museum in Minusio.

It is always a great honor for me to feel that the project arouses thoughts and emotions, I willingly listen to it take shape and get rich also through your words.

I invite you to read these interesting points for reflection:

"Scars and Kisses, an artistic project, an invitation to bring out, through the use of narration and personal images, the most intimate and profound experiences, bringing back the listening and the gaze from the exterior to the interior:  our personal history, our emotions, our affections, our memories, our dreams, our images, reaffirming ourselves in our original subjectivity.

The scar refers us to the notion of a negative lived experience, of a suffering in relation to a certain environment and to precise disturbing circumstances for the subject, this also called trauma. Trauma from the Greek means wound. Our wounds heal and while heaing  leave signs that can be visible or invisible. This healing process often requires the intervention of medicine or psychology, but also art and creativity favor this process.

Greek myths are stories that directly explain the essence of being human. They describe our deepest desires and the strengths and resources we have without knowing it. The myths are images of our deepest past and present, these images allow us to connect with our nature and the cosmo and find or find our way home.

The myth of Medusa in antiquity offers us the image on the essence of the trauma and describes its transformation. But for this to happen, we must not face it directly, otherwise we will be caught in its terrible embrace. We have to enter slowly and then withdraw gradually, as we would do with a Chinese puzzle.

In the myth of Medusa, anyone who looked her straight in the eye was turned to stone. The same applies to traumas. If we try to face them directly, they will continue to work, to immobilize us in fear.

Before Perseus left to fight Medusa, Athena warned him not to look directly into Medusa's eyes. Following this wise advice, Perseus used his shield to reflect the image of Medusa, thus succeeding in cutting off her head. Similarly, we should not face the trauma from the front, but use his image as reflected in our instinctual responses.

In dreams, in mythology and in science, the horse is the symbol of man's instinctive nature. It is interesting to note that in the myth, after the death of Medusa, two beings emerge from his body: Pegasus, the winged horse and Crisaor, the warrior with a golden sword. The Greeks could not find an image, a more appropriate metaphor. 

The sword symbolizes absolute truth, the ultimate weapon of the mythical hero. It conveys an image of light and triumph, of the ability to face all challenges, of all power. 

The horse symbolizes the instinctive foundation while the wings create the image of movement, elevation, overcoming, reaching a goal. If the horse represents the body and instinct, the winged horse evokes transformation through the body. 

Together, the winged horse and the golden sword symbolize the resources that the traumatized people discover in the process that  will lead  to defeating their Medusa.

Scars and Kisses (#cicatriciebaci) is a narrative vehicle that represents healing processes in  images, the project wants to testify and make us witness today to the healing of the subject, presenting itself as a sort of ritual of passage, also as a force in personal self-affirmation and as  Barbara Tosti says... "Cicatrici e Baci is a sort of ritual that attests to having passed the threshold, achieved a goal, a communicative passage with the motto "every scar deserves a crown". "

Lorenzo Perucchi

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