The experiential journey of narrating and feeling narrated wants to be a gift, a creation of a new experience to be lived and shared in an artistic and sensitive context.

With respect and confidentiality.


We are honored to receive your stories.


You can fill in the STORY GIVER FORMULAR

and your story will be delivered to us.


Get a photocollage portrait of your scar.

For more info you can download the pdf below or contact us


During the narrative experiential process of Donating a History you live moments of delicate dialogue, impressions and sensations that remain suspended in an interior space and in a time stolen from everyday life.


To give more space to these moments and to share them #cicatriciebaci is now also offered in the workshop version.


In this way you will be guided to become the narrators of your story, participate in the creative process of abstraction in image and exploration of new perspectives in the relationship with your Story.



If you are interested in participating or organizing it with us, please write to us:


We realize that the experiential process of #cicatriciebaci has a very extrovert connotation when we ask to Donate a History.

Maybe you are thinking of participating, but this discourages you.

Or you have specific ideas about what you want to achieve from this experience.

Very well!


We want to offer you the opportunity to live this experience in a more personal way,

suited to your needs and we will renounce any public use of the images.

The portrait is personal, the details we will define together.


If this formula suits you, do not hesitate to:

"Request a portrait #cicatriciebaci"

You can do it directly trough the Story Giver Form, You can opt in for Private on the last page




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