#cicatriciebaci is a narrative and interactive project that tells stories of human scars; they are the past wounds, embroidered into your life, experiences that have shaped and empowered you. In sharing your scars and stories with the narrator, we embark on a visual journey of self-discovery and create a new story we can share with the world. The stories unfold together, while evoking emotions very personal to each storyteller. 


We all have scars. They often remain voiceless and without recognition.


Every scar deserves a crown!


I believe we are everyday heroes, and we should be recognized as such.


This path of narrating and feeling narrated is a gift, and is a tool for creating awareness. An awareness that will be carried out with respect and discretion.

We hope to be able to count on your support, stimulate your thoughts and words, for make you willing to talk to us and maybe to donate your story to this very noble cause.

Photocollages portrait of your scars, 

bring awareness sharing people achievement.

Silent Metamorphic Slideshow of #cicatriciebaci Pioneers





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