The project #cicatriciebaci due to its simple but dynamic formulation draws vitality from numerous collaborations in various professional areas in which narration, expression and awareness are useful, without ever missing a playful and participatory component.


+41 763282524


Via del Carmagnola 8a

6517 Arbedo

Lo Studio wants to be a space that promotes art and culture, contemporary dance, performing arts and research on movement, also offering courses of various kinds that have to do with the body, mind and psychophysical balance and well-being.

#cicatriciebaci conducts shooting sessions at this welcoming space and plans to offer you a workshop version of the experience of telling yourself, stay tuned!



To share your ideas you can use different forms of expression, dance, theater, performances in unusual places, music, the creation of plastic forms, virtual modes, videos, installations and every form of communication that the human mind is in able to create. What Performa is interested in is creating a particular context for a few days, which allows you to experience your own life differently.

#cicatriciebaci immediately established a dialogue of vision with the festival and received a strong push to realize it, the first public exhibition of the project took place at Performafestival 2019



Composer and researcher.

#cicatriciebaci has undertaken with the composer an open dialogue of creative collaboration between the visual language and the sound language, in outlined or improvised design environments


Writer and blogger, supporter of people with disabilities.

#cicatriciebaci had the honor of meeting and crowning its history, we share the intention to honor and give visibility to situations that require a lot of effort to be lived; find here the beautiful article describing his experience with #cicatriciebaci


The living room of culture.


Designed for those who work hard in favor of the community, #faigirarelacultura offers promotional tools. A multi-channel communication platform designed specifically for this sector. The platform wants to be a meeting point, where to meet and exchange ideas.

#cicatriciebaci is hosted here


Head responsible of the socio-cultural and recreational sector of Spazio Elle in Locarno.

#cicatriciebaci has undertaken with Lorenzo an open collaboration that spans the artistic, cultural, recreational and social fields


The Mecrì Museum Foundation preserves the archive and enhances the artistic and documentary heritage of Aldo Crivelli (1907-1981) through various initiatives including periodicals

thematic exhibitions, in which we intend to offer a look at his artistic and scientific production. In parallel, the museum hosts events and exhibitions dedicated to contemporary artists, opening up to new expressive forms and with the aim of approaching interesting figures from the emerging local and international art scene.

#cicatriciebaci achieved 22 people portrayed for a total of 66 images when became honored guest of the Pavilion of the Mecrì Museum Foundation from 24/11 to 8/12 2019




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